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Activities & Clubs

Extra-curricular activities are important to the development of students; they are all encouraged to join the clubs and activities that take place during and after the Academy day. 

We hope to foster a positive attitude towards sport so that students continue to participate in, and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.  We have a well-balanced PE curriculum, and an "out of hours" programme offering all students access to a range of opportunities. It also encourages sporting links with the local community at various levels of sport beyond the Academy.  We are very proud of our students' continued achievements and involvement in extra curricular sports and welcome any help parents can give to supporting teams. 
Many of our students represent their forms, year-groups or houses; others represent the Academy and County in a wide range of sports.
Music activities are available to all students. There is also individual instrumental and vocal tuition available for those willing to practice regularly in their own time. (There is a charge for these lessons). Some Academy instruments are available. Students who have their own instruments may use these for tuition where appropriate. Contact Miss Law for details.  Students are also offered the opportunity to attend concerts, social evenings, dramatic and cultural events, the theatre, concerts, cinema, exhibitions and places of particular interest in connection with individual subjects being studied in school. A voluntary contribution towards the cost of running most events will be requested. You will be informed of these activities and asked to give your support and assistance to staff in the arrangements made to ensure students' safe return home.  
We hope you will accept invitations to Academy functions whenever possible, to encourage and give confidence to students and of course to enjoy yourselves.
Some of thesporting weekly activities and sporting fixture lists can†be seen in our weekly student circular.
The Learning Centre is an important learning provision within our academy and allows our students to research a variety of topics through books and access to the internet with appropriate support and guidance from members of staff and trained students. We encourage independent learning and completion of homework. The Learning Centre is open before, during and after school.
If you would like to find out more please feel free to visit our TLC website -