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Our House System


Through a staff working party and consultation with our student representatives; it was agreed that our house names will be attributes that allow success to occur. This is part of our Academy’s initiative to stretch each student to achieve and possibly exceed their academic potential.

The houses were shortlisted and then voted by every student within the Academy. Determination, Resilience, Endeavour, Ambition and Motivation were the five houses chosen which create the word ‘DREAM’.

It is hoped that if the students can demonstrate the five qualities, they can achieve their aspirations or ‘dreams’, whether it is academically, personally or recreationally.



The ability to continue trying to do something, although it is very difficult


The quality to persevere in a challenging situation and then return to normality


Trying to achieve a task without giving up


A strong desire to succeed a goal or target


The enthusiasm to complete a task


All students should wear their house badge at the bottom of their left blazer pocket, below the Humberston Academy badge.

In order to establish our new House system we will have appointed Head of Houses and House Captains to support our inter-house programme which takes place through the academic year which includes sports, performing arts, debating and other exciting opportunities.

Our Heads of House are:

Determination : Mr B Smith

Resilience : Mr D Goodwin

Endeavor  : Miss N Law

Ambition   : Mr J Timson

Motivation : Miss Wilson