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Humberston Academy

Humberston is an outstanding academy proud of our exceptionally high standards and traditional ethos. We offer a diverse enrichment programme in order to develop skills outside of the classroom.


Humberston Academy endorses the following government statements:

A student who is authorised to take ten days' holiday during one whole academic year will attain only 94.7% attendance.

There is a strong link between the amount of absence and the results/qualifications that a student achieves.
Every lesson matters - children who have time off often find it difficult to catch up and do well at school.
Research suggests that just seventeen days missed from school equates to a GCSE grade.
Attendance Procedures

The registers open each morning at 8:35 am and closes 9:05 am and all checks and amendments must be completed before 10 am each day prior to the release of messages to parents via MCAS communication. The registers open at 1:55 pm for the afternoon and close at 2:25 pm.

At present, Humberston Academy uses the Bromcom for the registration of all students in Years 7–11.


All staff are required to take a register at the commencement of each lesson and to check up on students who are frequently absent on a particular day.

They must also follow up students who have been seen in Humberston Academy but who are missing from their class.


Being punctual is a prerequisite to a session or a lesson having a purposeful start.

House Tutors will punish persistent lateness to Humberston Academy and report offenders to Head of Student Services. Class teachers will insist on lessons starting promptly and again punish persistent offenders.

Lateness is one sign of a poor attitude to learning and must not be allowed to become a habit.

Slow to arrive means slow to learn" and this is totally contrary to the
Humberston Academy ethos.


Due to recent changes in Government guidelines, schools will no longer be able to authorise holidays in school term time as of September 2013.

If holiday is taken in term time, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and it may result in a Fixed Penalty Charge Notice, under section 44 of the Education Act 1996. This will result in a fine.

However, under exceptional circumstances such as a family bereavement, you can apply directly to the Principal for “absence of leave”

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