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Humberston Academy

Humberston is an outstanding academy proud of our exceptionally high standards and traditional ethos. We offer a diverse enrichment programme in order to develop skills outside of the classroom.


At Humberston Academy we follow a knowledge rich curriculum that adapts to the aspirations and needs of the individual.

This page contains a link to each of the subjects we offer, with details about how it is assessed.

Please contact us should you like any further information, it would be our pleasure to assist with any queries you may have.

You will also find below more general curriculum information about how we have structured the learning at Humberston Academy.

5 year curriculum 



At Humberston Academy we pride ourselves on a knowledge rich curriculum that provides all students with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they require to be successful and employable in adulthood.
Students study a broad and balanced range of subjects in their early years to ensure they have a wide skill and knowledge base from which to make an informed choice when they undergo the GCSE option process.
Our curriculum design allows topics from different subjects to compliment each other during a students’ learning journey at Humberston Academy.

Students make rapid progress in their early key stage of learning due to a high standard of engagement in lessons where low level disruptive behaviour is extremely rare and there is a ‘ready to learn’ culture.
Our 5-year curriculum ensures there is no narrowing of subjects too early. To achieve this we have worked with our teaching staff to ensure students are given exposure to art, design and technology, geography history and music until the end of Year 9.

Our curriculum is focused on traditional subjects which ensure approximately 85% of students are entered into the English Baccalaureate measure.

Our options process is a relatively simply one which guides students towards a more academic focus but with the option of some vocational routes. Our provision and curriculum offer allows Humberston Academy students to be shaped effectively to have empathy of the world we live in with a depth in knowledge that allows them to thrive in many circumstances and scenarios.

The option process allow students to build up strong relationships with their opted subject teacher. Whilst the teacher will have a passion and expert knowledge for the opted subject, they will deliver a broader curriculum which includes the wider curriculum and give students the opportunity to collate knowledge from a variety of subjects. The three subjects are called STEM, Arts and Humanities.

STEM: Science, Computer Science and Media
Arts: Music, Drama, PE, Art and Design.
Humanities: History, Geography and Religious Education.

As students move into Year 10, the 5-year curriculum allows learners to refine and deepen their knowledge in subjects they thrive and are actively interested in. The student teacher relationship that was developed in the previous year of learning allows intellectual and expert delivery in a learning environment that harbours stretch and challenge within a safe learning climate.
The offer of traditional subjects prepares each student effectively for ‘life beyond Humberston’ at FE college providers, apprenticeships and higher education if this is their preferred route. Often the prior learning and CEIAG guidance ensures students and their parents and carers make informed decisions which focus on employability and an easy access to the next phase within their education.

A focus on traditional subjects

We are proud of the fact that we focus a significant proportion of our curriculum time on English and Mathematics to ensure students have the core numeracy and literacy skills to help access other curriculum areas. Within English, there is a big focus on literacy and reading with all students undertaking at least one hour of focused reading per week.

There is also a key focus on Science, History and Geography to lay the foundation for future GCSE study within these core academic areas.

We also place great value on the study of Modern Foreign Languages and consequently we have increased the amount of time students spend studying languages to help students become more immersed within language learning. During this time, students will receive opportunities to learn French, Spanish or German.

As a result; Humberston Academy is proud to have an entry to EBacc qualification which is double that of the national average amongst secondary schools across the country.

Personal development is part of our curriculum

We also recognise that there is the importance of teaching students the wider skills of personal development. We carefully design the calendar year to recognise pertinent events within the academic year from Holocaust to Mental Wellbeing Day. We often celebrate and raise awareness of these days in assemblies, bespoke presentations and our tutor programme which gives access to current affairs, literacy, numeracy and the art of debating.

Our PSHE curriculum is in depth and varied and focuses on SMSC, FBV, SRE, faiths and values. Students access these topics through weekly PSHE lessons, collapsed days, our ‘thought of the week’ and our Humberston Way ethos.

Our Humberston Way ensures students do not lose sight of traditional core values, consideration of environment and ownership of their learning with a sense of ambition and readiness to learn to the best of their academic ability. This ethos instils the type of student we wish to craft during their five-year education with us.

Preparation for Life Beyond

As students enter their final years there is a focused and more personalised challenge which GCSE study brings.

By studying preferred subjects, it is our aim to ensure students are given maximum time to make maximum progress in subjects of choice. They will therefore be provided with an extremely strong platform from which to pursue further studies.

All students are provided with at least 4 hours of English in which they study both English Language and English Literature and 4 hours of Mathematics. By focusing time on these key subject areas, we are confident students will meet the benchmarks for future employment or further study.

A choice from one of History, Geography or Religious Education is compulsory for the vast majority of students and then a choice is made from subjects such as Triple Science, Languages, Drama, Art, Media Studies, Music, GCSE PE and more depending upon what we deem most appropriate for the individuals whose needs are being catered for.

An alternative curriculum is also offered, based on individual need, for students as required.

World Class learning

We have not just settled for our Ofsted judgement of Outstanding achievement which was issued in 2013. We have looked to improve our education provision further and deepen learning in the quest of allowing students to thrive in the next chapter of their learning and introduction into adulthood and therefore applied and achieved World Class Schools status in December 2019. The World Class Schools accreditation demonstrates that students benefit hugely from being a member of our school community. Our student voice is a core part of Humberston Academy and therefore there are a variety of opportunities to develop leadership and seek responsibility to improve key skills in order to be successful and stand out from the competition of employment. Lessons have a focus on stretch and challenge. An inquisitive mind is encouraged and students are expected to answer like a scholar. This allows them to develop into world class learners.

Assessment Summary

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

Parents and Carers receive 3 assessment reports per year, which reports on achievement and effort.

Each student will complete assessments throughout the academic year which builds on prior knowledge learnt. Students will be expected to retrieve knowledge and demonstrate an understanding on the topics learnt.

We still intend to use data from Key Stage 2 to measure progress. A target grade is shared to monitor each child individual ability.

Year 11

Parents receive 4 assessment reports during the final year, which reports on achievement, effort and gives an indication of their preparation for Public Examinations.

Year 11 will build upon a robust end of Year 10 examination which includes Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs). These assessments will be completed in our examination hall and will prepare students for the Public Examinations in the Summer Term.

Two assessment grades will be reported.

You will be provided with a Current Grade which informs how the student is currently doing and a Teacher Predicted Grade, which informs how we think your child will do in their final examinations.

All assessments are graded using a strict marking criterion which include moderation with the department and often amongst the David Ross Education Trust.

There is also a ‘Parents Evening’ provided each academic year to give parents and carers the opportunity to discuss progress with their child’s subject teacher.


Fundamental British Values

At Humberston academy we are dedicated to promoting values that ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility.

We prepare the students for life in Modern Britain because values such as individual liberty, democracy, the law, mutual respect and tolerance are embedded within the curriculum and the academy ethos. These values are promoted at various times throughout the school year, and regularly in assemblies. Our academy embodies a democratic model in the way we work, the way we are structured and our general ethos and culture in the academy. Additionally our rules and regulations are there for the benefit of everyone, and our academy takes a holistic approach to teaching British Values rather than concentrating on individual subjects.

Click here to find out more about British Values at our academy

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