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Humberston Academy

Humberston is an outstanding academy proud of our exceptionally high standards and traditional ethos. We offer a diverse enrichment programme in order to develop skills outside of the classroom.


  • 1 Feb 2022
    Careers Fair
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  • 3 Feb 2022
    Cross Country Cup
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  • 14 Feb 2022


    18 Feb 2022

    School Closed
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  • 23 Feb 2022
    Y9 Options Evening
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  • 1 Mar 2022
    Hockey Talent Day
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  • 3 Mar 2022
    World Book Day
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  • 4 Mar 2022
    Secondary Music Festival
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  • 18 Mar 2022
    Winter Cup
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  • 18 Mar 2022
    Whole School Production
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  • 4 Apr 2022


    18 Apr 2022

    School Closed
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  • 26 Apr 2022
    Spring Cup
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  • 28 Apr 2022
    15:30 to 20:30
    Y10 Parents Evening
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  • 2 May 2022
    Bank Holiday
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  • 30 May 2022


    3 Jun 2022

    School Closed
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  • 16 Jun 2022
    Summer Cup Time Trials
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  • 23 Jun 2022
    15:30 to 20:30
    Y7 Parents Evening
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  • 24 Jun 2022
    Year 11 Prom
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  • 4 Jul 2022


    5 Jul 2022

    Music Residentials
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  • 7 Jul 2022
    Summer Cup
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  • 7 Jul 2022
    Y76 Induction Day and Evening
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  • 8 Jul 2022
    Y6 Induction Day 2
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  • 13 Jul 2022
    Y10 Geography Trip
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  • 14 Jul 2022
    Summer Concert
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  • 18 Jul 2022


    19 Jul 2022

    Y10 Drama Residential
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  • 20 Jul 2022
    Rewards Day
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  • 21 Jul 2022
    Sports Day
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  • 22 Jul 2022
    Term Ends (1.10pm)
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