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Humberston Academy

Humberston is an outstanding academy proud of our exceptionally high standards and traditional ethos. We offer a diverse enrichment programme in order to develop skills outside of the classroom.

SEND Hollowford Residential Trip 2022

Teacher comments:


It is hard to truly put into words what Hallowford gave the students. The whole experience was definitely a positive!

Some of these students have never had the opportunity or confidence to go on a residential trip before and the independence it offered and opportunities it gave the students was remarkable to see. Watching students put their trust in themselves, staff, instructors and peers was so very inspiring. 

Students with different abilities conquering fears and partaking in activities such as abseiling 95ft off a bridge, learning to ride a bike, climbing higher than they ever have, zooming down zip lines being cheered on by their peers, it was heart-warming to witness!

The students not only surprised us, but shocked themselves with everything they achieved that weekend. There were tears of joy and tears from being completely overwhelmed by their achievements, at some points they were even speechless! 

We could not be prouder of these students for fully embracing this opportunity, it is certainly going to be a lifelong memory for them all. 

Without the generous support of The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust none of this would have been possible.



Some of the student's comments:


'I enjoyed the canoes and the ziplines were fun!'

'Hallowford has been great and I really enjoyed making a fire'


'I enjoyed Hallowford because I did abseiling going down a 95ft drop'