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Humberston Academy

Humberston is an outstanding academy proud of our exceptionally high standards and traditional ethos. We offer a diverse enrichment programme in order to develop skills outside of the classroom.


Collaboration, teamwork and building positive relationships are a central part of the sporting ethos at Humberston Academy.

Students are offered plenty of opportunities to become involved in sport as well as develop communication, problem solving and ability to work in a team.

The main aim of the department is to ensure students of all abilities can partake, enjoy and achieve their sporting potential in their time at the academy.

The PE department issue weekly bulletins to ensure that all students and parents are aware of clubs, fixtures, events and unique opportunities that are available that week.

Sports Enrichment

Here at Humberston Academy we provide an extensive sports enrichment programme known as

Play Your Part

PYP aims to provide bigger and better sporting opportunities for our aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our programme is jam-packed all year round with extra-curricular clubs, fixtures, house competitions, specialist coaching and unique sports events. To provide the best individual and team experiences throughout academy life.

Celebrating Team Humberston

Whether you are a match reporter, film maker, photographer or aspiring athlete, you play a part in Team Humberston.

We recognise all that hard work and dedication, rewarding it with opportunities for students to win sporting prizes, meet elite athletes or attend talent development days.

HUMSport is our termly newsletter dedicated to celebrating the successes of Team Humberston throughout the term. Each edition comes complete with action replays, sports stars, results, event updates and what to look out for next term.

For more information you can follow us on twitter @HUMsport

PE Kit

  • Every student is expected to bring full Humberston Academy PE kit to every lesson.
  • Any student who cannot physically participate due to illness or medical reasons must still
    change into their PE kit.
  • This prevents Academy uniforms from becoming dirty or wet during outdoor lessons and
    ensures that students are continuing to learn and engage in the PE activity.
  • If you are injured or unwell, you will not be expected to participate physically in the lesson,
    however you will be given a role within the lesson, such as a coach or official.
  • In cold weather, injured or unwell students can wear their outdoor coats to keep warm.
  • Injured or unwell students are expected to bring a note from their parent/carer, requesting
    that they do not participate in PE.
  • Any student who forgets their PE kit, will be issued with a kit mark and will be given PE kit to


  • Humberston Academy red polo top.
  • Reversible black and red rugby top (if performing football/ rugby activities).
  • Black shorts.
  • Black and red academy socks.
  • Shin pads (for hockey and football).
  • Training shoes (not plimsolls).
  • Football boots (if performing football/ rugby/cross-country).


  • Black waterproof jacket.
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms.

Note: All jewellery must be removed and hair must be tied back in all practical lessons. Plain black
leggings may be worn with black shorts. Plain black under armour may be worn in cold weather.


Humberston Academy Sporting Photos


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